Software Mechanics

Recent Clients

Projects on which we have been busy in the past 12 months include the following:

Web Application for Medical Training (EffectiveArts, Inc.)

We built a custom run-the-business web application for EffectiveArts, a medical training company. The application allows EffectiveArts and its clients to plan training sessions, track feedback, and follow the performance improvements of attendees across multiple training events. It ensures that staff involved with training always have participants' history at their fingertips. The web application comprises a MySQL database, a planning and analysis engine written in PHP, and web pages in HTML5 with just enough JavaScript to tie things together.

Expense Management Application

We did the heavy lifting on an web application for a major player in the business expense management space. The system uses a MySQL backend with an expense control server written in PHP, and web pages that use HTML5 and JavaScript. We also put together a reporting suite that gives managers clear insight into budgets, spending, and user behavior. We wrote the reporting suite in Python 3, with some of-the-self graphics libraries to make the reports clear and easy to read. Users access reports online, on their phones, or receive them via email.

IntelaTrac Systems Integration and Custom Reporting (Pima County)

We completed a large systems integration project for Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department in Tucson. We integrated Wonderware's IntelaTrac software with the County's existing systems and used it to build electronic rounds so that wastewater plant operators can use a handheld device to record equipment settings. We worked closely with operational staff in the field to ensure that the system met management and user requirements. We added some reporting of our own, using Python 3 to generate additional management reports out of the Microsoft SQL Server database in which IntelaTrac stores its data.

Flowlink Systems Integration (EMA, Inc.)

We integrated Flowlink for a client of EMA, Inc., an engineering consulting firm based in Tucson. Flowlink is a fluid flow monitoring and analysis system. This particular integration involved a SQL Server backend and we again added some custom reporting.

'After the Flush' Promotional Video (Pima County)

We co-wrote the script, shot the footage and carried out all video editing and production tasks for this promotional video about the Tres Rios water reclamation plant in Tucson, AZ.

Software as a Service Documentation Project

We wrote full user documentation (180 pages) for a SaaS financial application and produced 11 self-access user help videos .