Software Mechanics

Custom Development

We design and build web applications, including electronic commerce systems. We also write custom desktop software for Windows computers. We write clean and easily-maintainable code that works in multiple browsers. We specialize in creating friendly user interfaces that your staff will intuitively understand. The code we write is typically in C/C++, PHP or Python, but we are flexible and will use whichever language or technology that best allows us to get the job done.


We have many years' experience of Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. We design and build databases, large and small. We also build systems that interface with your existing databases and turn your raw data into valuable business intelligence to give you a competitive advantage.

Business Automation

We write scripts to automate repetitive administrative tasks, or to generate regular reports from your database. Automating processes makes your business more efficient, increases accuracy, and allows your staff to focus on the tasks that require the human touch. Let us work with your staff to increase the success of your business through automation.