Software Mechanics

Software Development

Since 2002, Software Mechanics has been developing high-quality software and data solutions for public and private-sector clients in Tucson, Phoenix, and across southern Arizona. We are expert in custom software development, and database design and implementation, specializing in Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Systems Integration

We are also experienced system integrators, tailoring off-the-shelf software solutions to your business needs. We can help you find a solution that fits well with your business and technical environment, and assist your staff with the implementation. If you prefer, we can handle the entire process, from vendor selection to system roll-out.


We offer training on various software development and database technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and Python.

Our proprietary course on writing Microsoft SQL Server queries can take your staff from database beginners to highly effective query developers in just a few days. Our classes on Python development, and on multimedia development using Camtasia and Articulate, are similarly designed to jump-start your team.

Documentation and Multimedia

We combine top-notch technical knowledge with first-rate writing and multimedia development skills to fulfill your documentation and video needs promptly and at a competitive rate.

Virtual CTO

Is your business struggling to find appropriate technology solutions or to develop the right systems architecture? Because hiring a full-time, in-house Chief Technology Officer can be prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses we offer our virtual CTO service to help you make technology decisions that are right for your business.

Our Philosophy

Whether you need custom software, integration of third-party software, or content development, we take pride in listening to you, our client, and building a solution that provides you with a tangible business advantage. We write all software in-house and do not outsource any work to other companies.

We have a history of delivering on-time and within budget. And we have never had a failed project. We are passionate about building systems that really work, systems that save you time and make your business stronger.